Casper Mattress Review

A couple enjoying a comfortable bed
A couple enjoying a comfortable bed

When it comes to sleep, the little details matter. There’s a myriad of differences between a Casper mattress and all others. From how it adjusts your body to how well it holds up overtime, just picking any kind of mattress won’t cut it.

A determining factor when it comes to your sleep quality is your mattress. Some people are used to sleeping in the bed they’re accustomed to coming home to, but find it hard to adjust to other beds – such as expensive hotel beds. For the best sleep, we need a mattress that conforms to our weight and our body type; a necessary feature that some hotel mattresses skip considering or are unable to provide. 

User comfort and sleep support are where the Casper mattress shines at. What makes this mattress so great? It fulfills the three S’s of a good night’s sleep: sublime, support, and simple. Let’s start our Casper mattress review so that you can learn why this award-winning mattress is the best in the market.

About Casper 

Casper positively changed the mattress market when it brought the art of making mattresses down to a science. The best selling mattress manufacturer came into business around 2014 and was meant to serve as a response to a severely lacking market that didn’t value customer satisfaction.

A group of guys came together to put the customer first, which is what Casper primarily prides itself in. Casper mattress was initially only available for purchase online, so you can imagine how reluctant people were to order a mattress that they had never laid their head on.

Thanks to the in-depth videos that Casper would provide online that go into immense detail about the interior and exterior aspects of its mattresses, customers felt more at ease ordering a mattress online.

Several showrooms exist in New York City since Casper is based there, as well as in London and Los Angeles. So if you’re ever in those cities, you should feel free to give a Casper mattress a test run.

Nowadays, Casper goes above and beyond to provide more than just one version of a mattress. In fact, Casper currently offers three different mattress models that go by the name- The Wave, The Casper, and The Essential.

Casper also manufactures pillows, duvets, and even doggie beds, so you can equip your whole household with Casper products if you wish.

Casper Mattress Review

A good mattress should make you feel at home
A good mattress makes you feel at home.

Product Features

  • Comes with a Zip-off Knit Cover
  • Made with High-density memory foam
  • Made in the USA
  • 4 Layers of Support
  • Accommodates Multiple Sleeping Positions
  • Free Box Shipping
  • 100 Day Trial/10 Year Warranty


Why should you buy the Casper mattress? Unlike other mattresses, it provides high-quality comfort, extra body support, and has an average lifespan of up to 10 years. This section will detail the benefits of this mattress so that you can fully utilize it to your advantage.

4 Layer Memory Foam Design

Memory foam initially emerged in the mattress market around the 1990’s, but it wasn’t as comfortable as memory foam mattresses are today. In fact, a top complaint that sleepers had regarding memory foam mattresses was that it contained too much heat.

When you’re sleeping, your body temperature naturally increases. This means an ideal mattress would be one that is breathable in design, so the heat your body gives off gets transferred out of the bed itself.

Some of the first memory foam mattresses wouldn’t permit people to enter a deeper sleep state because the bed would become too hot to the point that it was unbearable to sleep on.

Thankfully, technology has progressed in the past several decades to the point that new mattress companies have emerged to eliminate this issue once and for all.

Casper is one of these innovative mattress manufacturers that has altered the design of memory foam to make it more breathable. The memory foam used to manufacture the Casper mattress consists not just of one memory foam layer, but of four separate layers. ( 

Keep reading for an in-depth look at each foam layer and find out what it brings to the table.

Comfort Layer: Open-Cell Foam

The outermost layer of the Casper mattress includes open-cell foam, which is an innovative twist on the original foam used when making a memory foam mattress- closed cell foams.

Closed Cell Foam Specifics

Closed cell foam is known to be excellent when it comes to insulation. In fact, closed cell foam contains temperatures so well that it’s largely utilized to insulate homes. Since closed cell foams are high in density, they can even add stability to the walls of your home.

When you combine closed cell foams with memory foam, you run the risk of sleeping on a mattress that resists airflow. Due to the high density of this foam, you end up with a mattress that’s firm to the point that it won’t be comfortable to sleep on.

Casper got together a group of scientists to find the perfect memory foam layer formula, and the recommendation that came back was that an open-cell foam layer is the way to go.

The mattress manufacturer made sure to include 1.5-inches of open-cell foam, which works perfectly in conjunction with the layers underneath it.

Open-cell foam is extremely soft to the touch and features broken cell walls. Since it’s not as dense as closed cell foam, this particular foam layer permits adequate airflow while you sleep. The reduction of gas build-up will allow you to stay cool throughout the night.

Even though open-cell foam is less dense, you shouldn’t worry about whether or not it will provide adequate support. The Casper mattress comes with three other layers to ensure you get a good night’s rest.

Responsive Memory Foam

The next layer that serves to provide ample back support is the 1.5-inches of memory foam. It features a density weighing around four pounds.

The Casper mattress made sure to include the responsive memory foam layer underneath the open-cell foam one. This is because it makes up for the open-cell foams low density.

In fact, the memory foam layer features such a slow response to pressure. When you push through it with the open cell foam as a buffer, you can expect adequate pressure relief. ( 

The Casper mattress designed its memory foam to rest below the comfort layer, so you can rest easy. The moment you lay down on a Casper bed, it won’t mimic the same result as a full-on memory foam mattress.

Memory foam can retain heat at higher frequencies than open-cell foam, so it’s a smart move by Casper to include the memory foam below it.

You don’t have to fret about having to sleep in a bed that retains all the heat that your body tends to give off while you sleep since the open-cell foam works with the memory foam to keep the air in the Casper mattress constantly circulating.

In regards to the support that the memory foam can provide, this specific layer is responsible for the majority of the pressure relief as well as core support that the Casper mattress is known for.

Transition Layer: Adaptive Transition Foam

The third layer of the Casper mattress that rests below the memory foam layer is called the the transition layer. It serves to function as a transitional layer since it consists of 1.5-inches of polyurethane foam. You may otherwise know it as poly-foam.

The adaptive transition foam transitions your weight from the memory foam layer to the base layer. To do so, it features a density weighing around 2.5 pounds.

The slightly more dense consistency of this layer means that you can expect it to transfer your weight throughout the Casper mattress adequately.

More Details

For those who love the bouncy nature of their mattresses, you have the adaptive transition layer to thank since it responds quickly to pressure. The above memory foam layer lacks this feature, which explains why Casper placed the poly-foam layer underneath the memory foam one.

You may have already slept on a polyurethane foam mattress and not realized. If you’re not familiar with what polyurethane foam consists of, let us break it down for you. Poly-foam is largely made of compounds that derive from petrochemicals.

If you’ve ever slept on a spring mattress, then you’ve rested on a poly-foam mattress. This is because a majority of mattress manufacturers utilize polyurethane foam as being the top layer of spring mattresses.

In regards to its quality, polyurethane foam is not that expensive because it’s not considered to be a high-grade material.

Innovative Applications

Casper is revolutionizing the mattress market because it incorporates polyurethane foam in an innovative way that the mattress industry has never before seen. It uses polyurethane foam as a transitional layer rather than a comfort layer. Spring coils are out of the picture, so there’s no point of placing poly-foam as the outermost layer.

Since Casper uses poly-foam that’s denser than its competition, you can expect your mattress to have a much longer time span. Most mattresses made out of extremely low-density polyurethane foam end up lasting no longer than a year.

You can expect this particular bed to last you ten years. Keep in mind that you’ll have to rotate the mattress every six months to make sure that the internal layering doesn’t experience any sagging or loss of support.

Base Layer: Durable Support Foam

The base layer of the Casper mattress consists of 5-inches of polyurethane foam. It features a density weighing around 1.8 pounds. The transition layer mentioned above features polyurethane foam that has an even lighter density, but that’s for a good reason.

The lighter density combined with the increased thickness ensures a great nights sleep. It allows this layer to be firm to the touch as well as respond quickly to pressure. If you think about it, the support foam should contain all these features since it’s meant to function as the foundation for the Casper mattress.

The shape of the Casper mattress is largely due to the 5-inch polyurethane foam layer, while the layers resting above it are merely there to make the bed comfortable for you to rest on.

Pressure Sensitivity

Users also like the Casper mattress because of its responsive pressure sensitivity. This means that no matter what position you sleep on, the mattress will adjust to your weight and fit your natural body motions.

When lying on your back, the pressure is evenly distributed throughout your body. Casper does a good job at giving lumbar support, which is perfect for backside sleepers. On occasion, you’ll sink in the mattress, but with the memory foam layer that’s under the response layer, the mattress will correct itself and allow you to change positions without any issue.

For front side sleepers, the mattress keeps the weight supported. Users who’ve tried this mattress didn’t feel any increased pressure when sleeping in that position. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that has low pressure so they can sleep easily.

The Casper mattress does a great job at this by keeping your hips out of the mattress. This allows your back to remain aligned and comfortable. Buy this mattress if you want high-quality support while you sleep without experiencing negative pressure.

Mattress Durability

The Casper Mattress received a myriad of good reviews from industry specialists and normal sleepers. The developers and manufacturers credited their success due to their extensive testing and using high-quality materials.

When compared to other memory foam mattresses, Casper was the only one that was able to resist the sleeper’s weight. This is due to the mattress’ open cell latex which works by preventing your body heat from getting trapped in the foam.



Most first time users have only slept on innerspring mattresses. When they try a memory foam mattress such as the Casper mattress, they tend to notice its superior comfort. For users who have slept on luxury mattresses, they state that it’s a comfortable choice despite its modest price.

The Casper mattress offers minimal motion transfer. As a result, there’s no springing, no bouncing, one can rest on it, and the partner won’t experience a large shift when this happens. It will fit your body naturally due to compression and will respond to your body movements when you move around the bed while you sleep.

Cooling Feature

One of the main factors in providing a good night’s sleep is the temperature regulation. Casper mattress has an “open cell” layer that uses conduction and convection to remove the heat from the body.

The mattress’ top layer allows heat to come out of the mattress. This ensures that you aren’t “sleeping hot.” It uses similar technology as memory foam pillows, which are also a customer favorite. Once the bed stays cool, it allows you to add or remove blankets to help users control how they sleep.

Special Features

The Casper mattress is known for maintaining its shape and support for a long time. And, users find it easy to get adjusted to. Also, the materials are certified and environmentally friendly.

For example, it’s foam is Certi-Pur certified and its hypoallergenic latex is OEKO-TEX® Standard Certified. These ratings are only given to mattresses with low VOC margins making the Casper mattress the most

Accommodates Two Sleepers

Plus, the mattress does a good job of accommodating two sleepers at once and keeping them separate. One challenge that faced by most partner sleepers is waking up once your partner gets out of bed for a bathroom trip or some water at night. ( 

With the Casper mattress, both partners can sleep without experiencing this disturbance. It has an ultra firm latex and foam which ensures that heavyweight sleepers won’t leave a permanent indentation on the bed.

It also features a special 100 day trial period. This means that if you use the product for a few weeks and start to experience discomfort adjusting to it, then you can return it free of charge. This shows Casper’s confidence in their product.


Like any good sleeping mattress, the Casper mattress does have a few flaws. Here are some disadvantages associated with this mattress so that you know what to expect.

Very Firm

For sleepers that want a softer mattress, the Casper mattress might not be the best one for you. Although the mattress can relieve certain pressure points, a multitude of reviewers stated that the semi firmness is the only reason why they returned the mattress. ( 

Lack of Movement

Another issue is its lack of mobility. The mattress weighs over 70 lbs and lacks a handle to move it around. It’s difficult to move it out of the box and will require two people to move it. Take this into consideration before buying and make sure that it fits well with your room’s dimensions.

No Fitted Cover

One of the small disadvantages the Casper mattress has is it doesn’t come with a fitted cover. There is a variety of fitted covers available in the market. Get one if you need that extra assistance and support while you sleep.

Insider Thoughts

Based on positive reviews, the Casper mattress will immediately alter the way you sleep positively. Once you lay your head on a Casper Mattress, you’ll forget about the nights you had trouble falling asleep. This is because you won’t be awake long enough to reminisce.

Looking for Deep Compression Support?

When mattress buyers are in the beginning stages of their hunt of purchasing the perfect bed, they neglect to inform themselves on the various mattress materials available. When it comes down to it, you’ll have to decide between a memory foam mattress and a latex one.

For those who expect deep compression support, you should throw out latex as an option. The sinkage level on a Casper mattress will be significantly more prominent than what you’ll experience on a latex bed.

The Casper mattress is a combination of memory foam, open cell foam, and poly-foam. The three work beautifully together to contour to your particular body shape.

Not an Active Sleeper?

For those who don’t tend to move around a lot while they sleep, you’re in luck. The Casper mattress is the ideal bed you could purchase. Due to the inner layers that the Casper mattress consists of, it features a slow response time.

In fact, the response is so slow that extremely mobile sleepers won’t find it to be an ideal fit.

The moment you lay your head on a Casper mattress, you’ll immediately sink and experiences such deep pressure relief that all the acid build-up in your muscles will dissipate.

Prefer Varied Materials?

Some buyers prefer mattresses built with a variety of materials so that each layer remains to be different. If you’re one of those buyers then you have found your match with the Casper mattress.

How Much Does it Cost?

A comfortable Casper mattress.
A comfortable Casper mattress.

If you believe that the Casper mattress is the right one for you, continue reading. The pricing information and sizing is listed below.

Size Weight Product Dimensions Price
Twin 44 lbs 40” x 75” x 10” $560
Twin XL 47 lbs 39” x 81” x 10” $600
Full 60 lbs 53” x 75” x 10” $800
Queen 72 lbs 61” x 80” x 10” $950
King 91 lbs 76” x 81” x 10” $1,150
California King 90 lbs 73” x 84” x 10” $1,150


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Innovative and Versatile Design Fitted cover not included.
Budget Friendly Too firm for some sleepers.
Retains its support and firmness Only one firmness level
Enhanced Durability
100 Day Return Policy


The Casper mattress is perfect for single or partner sleepers. It’s durable enough to fit users weight up to 300 pounds while still keeping its firmness. Because of this, users tend to like the mattress because it adapts to the user’s weight which reduces the chance of sinking.

The few cons that are present are only a nuisance for a small number of sleepers. If you need a fitted cover, Casper also has those for sale. Due to its trial policy, it gives you up to 3 months to get used to the bed. 

Buying Advice

Continue reading this section to understand the most critical specs when buying your first mattress. This will help you buy one that fits you and your partner’s sleeping preferences. 

Firmness & Support

One of the most important specs is the firmness of your mattress. We’ll explain what level of firmness that’s suited for each sleeper and how you can utilize it to get the best sleep possible.

  • Soft: This is for side sleepers and people who shift a lot when they are asleep. It’s great because it relieves pressure on your spine and molds to your natural body position.
  • Medium Soft: This is great for sleepers who shift constantly but want extra support.
  • Medium: For people who sleep on their back, this is the best option. It works by supporting your lower back and keeping it aligned while you rest.
  • Medium Firm: If you need extra back support and tend to sleep on your back, you should get a medium firm mattress.
  • Firm: This is for people who are sleeping on their front or is over 210 pounds. It will allow your back to remain relaxed and comfortable while you sleep. Also, it prevents you from sinking into the mattress which is known to cause back pain.

Firmness Test

After completing numerous tests regarding the firmness level of the Casper mattress, we have figured out the firmness level. We concluded that this mattress has a firmness ranging about 6 to 6.5 out of ten. Ten translates to extremely firm while one on the scale translates to super soft.

Based on our results, it’s safe to say that you can classify the Casper mattress as being medium firm. A mattress that consists of a firmness level that is medium firm will appeal to a wide variety of sleepers.

 The Casper mattress firmness will provide ample pressure relief as well as support for a variety of sleeping positions.

When you rest on the Casper mattress, the feeling of being stuck in a certain position is nonexistent. This is a plus if you have a hard time getting comfortable on a bed before you find the optimal position.

How to Care for Your Mattress?

Once you receive your mattress, we suggest that you allow it to air out for about 4 hours. Doing this removes any damp or cold smells that get stuck in the fibers. Ideally, you should remove the linen of the mattress weekly to allow it to air out properly.

You should regularly turn your mattress as well. This stops your weight from altering the mattress which leads to an uneven sleep.

If possible, you should get a mattress protector. Mattress protectors prolong the lifespan of your mattress and help keep it clean. Place it on top of the mattress linen to keep your mattress safe from dirt and stains.

On average, you should buy yourself a new mattress every 8-10 years. This is because the mattress will lose its firmness over time and reduce its support. If you feel any pain after waking up, then you should change your mattress immediately.

Mattress Toppers

This is optional, but if you want to enhance the softness that meets you when you lay down, you should get a mattress topper. Mattress toppers work by providing an additional layer of cushioning before placing the bed sheets on it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advised setup for the Casper Mattress?

For those who want their Casper mattress to surpass the ten-year mark, you should pay attention to the answer below. 

The support frame you place your Casper mattress on is just as pivotal as the layers of foam that make up the internal framework of the bed. Your support frame decision will determine the lifespan of the Casper mattress. 

The best option is to place it on the Casper foundation as well as on a metal bed frame.

Deciding to buy a metal frame and foundation that is not approved by Casper may work against you. In fact, the mattress will sag a lot earlier than you expect it to.

Keep in mind that when you utilize the Casper foundation, and the mattress ends up enduring some damage, you can take advantage of your ten-year warranty. The lack of using a Casper foundation rescinds your ability to take advantage of that warranty.

Other Options

For those who find it hard to part with the foundation or box spring setup you own, Casper advises a setup. You place a Bunkie board between the box spring and Casper mattress. The additional layer of protection ensures that the bed receives even support.

If you’re not a fan of using either a foundation or a box spring, you have another alternative available. A flat platform that’s firm and thick enough to support the Casper mattress will suffice.

Can You Setup the Casper Mattress in a Bunk Bed?

The mattress professionals over at Casper advise against using a Casper Mattress on a bunk bed. This is because the Casper twin mattress might be too thick for a bunk bed to support. 


As you can see, the Casper mattress is an excellent fit for every single member of your family. If you expect adequate back support as well as sufficient pressure relief, Casper is the mattress for you. 

When you purchase the Casper mattresses, you can say goodbye to the days of waking up with back pain. If you’ve noticed any significant sagging in certain areas around your bed, then it’s time for an upgrade.

That upgrade comes in the form of the highly affordable Casper mattress.

For those who have any further questions or comments about the Casper mattress, feel free to leave them below. We will make sure to provide the answers you need promptly.

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