Lull Mattress Review

Last Update: August 2018

In days past, luxurious and comfortable mattresses were reserved for happily retired former CEOs with a Miami Beach view.

Alright, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the point remains. If you wanted to get an ultra-comfortable gel memory foam mattress, you had to plan to shell out thousands of dollars. You could buy a decent used car for the same price as you could buy a TemperPedic.

If you weren’t willing to pay that much, then you were stuck with an uncomfortable innerspring mattress.

Enter “the bed-in-a-box” business model. When people like the creators of the Lull mattress got fed up with the exorbitant prices, they decided to do things their own way. They learned the trade, cut out the middleman, and started selling direct at a quarter of the price.

Lull has built an outstanding reputation around both their brand and their mattress. The simple philosophy behind their company makes all of the difference: “We want people to sleep better so they can live better.”

Today we’re going to be giving you our complete and unbiased Lull mattress review. We’ll tell you the pros, cons, and everything that you need to know to bring one of these great beds home.

About Lull

Lull was created by Sven Klein. He has a similar story to many other bed-in-a-box founders, and it is one that formed out of desperation. While shopping for a new mattress with his wife, they both felt hassled and stressed the entire way. Pushy salesman trying to hurry along the process who knew little to nothing of any mattress technology.

Eventually, Sven and his wife had enough. Sven decided that he was going to make his own bed. He did all of the research, purchased some tools, high-quality foam materials, and got to work. A couple of years later, he turned his personal project into a nation-wide brand.

He wanted to focus on two important facets of his new business; honest service and a high-quality product. By aligning himself and his company with these two goals, Lull has grown to be one of the highest-reviewed mattresses in the United States.

Their Manufacturing Technique

Lull engineers their mattresses thoughtfully. One of the things that you’ll notice is that they utilize a three layer memory foam design to provide equal amounts of support, comfort, and overal durability.

They engineer their mattress using CertiPUR-US foam and eco-friendly methods that have minimal impact on the environment. They utilize an ultra-efficient packing and distribution system that results in less waste and encourages recycling. In an age where industry seems to care less and less about the health of our planet, this is a positive change to see.

Lull Mattress Review

Product Features

  • 3-layer construction
  • Made of premium memory foam
  • Works with all bed frames
  • Eco-friendly engineering
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial


In today’s Lull mattress review, we’re going to give you the inside scoop. We’ll start by breaking down the mattress layer by layer, and explain why each one is important. After this, we’ll tell you a few of the things that we didn’t like about the mattress. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a handy pricing chart and our final opinion.

Mattress Construction

The Lull mattress consists of three separate foam layers. The first is a 1.5-inch comfort layer made from premium gel foam. The second is another 1.5-inch layer designed to provide therapeutic support. Underneath these two layers is a 7-inch thick layer of high-density support foam.

The lower half of the mattress is wrapped in a thick, tear-resistant side cover. This helps to prevent against a lot of the wear and tear caused by your feet, shoes, and moves. It also helps to prevent the mattress from losing form and sagging over time.

Premium Mattress Cover

Before we get into the multiple layers of foam, let’s take a minute to appreciate the cover. It is made from an ultra-light, and incredibly soft material known as Rayon. This fabric is made from regenerated cellulose fiber and happens to one of the softest materials ever. It’s often compared to high-quality linen and silk.

Another interesting thing to notice about the cover is the unique honeycomb design stitched into it. This provides hundreds of small channels for air to flow across the mattress surface. This helps to regulate the overall temperature and keeps you from getting too hot. If you live in a hot southern climate, you’ll especially appreciate this cover.

Comfort Layer

The first layer which we’ll cover in today’s Lull mattress review is the comfort layer. This is the uppermost layer and is responsible for the luxurious degree of comfort that you’ll experience laying on this mattress.

Lull utilizes a low-density layer of gel memory foam which conforms perfectly to your body and takes strain away from key pain areas. It provides great support for your lumbar region and your upper shoulders/neck. These are two of the most common areas which American sleepers complain about.

In addition to the luxurious comfort it provides, this upper comfort layer also aids in the heat regulation process. The visco-elastic foam is injected with a special cooling gel polymer which resists heat. It takes your body heat and channels it out to the sides and the lower levels of the mattress instead.

Therapeutic Layer

Directly underneath the comfort layer is 1.5 inches of therapeutic foam. This is a medium-density foam and its primary goal is to provide deep support for your lumbar region. It also helps to properly align your spine while you sleep.

In addition to providing great back support, this foam layer was also designed to give the perfect amount of “bounce.” When it comes to most all-foam mattresses, you can’t expect a lot of bounce factor. Lull wanted to be different, though, so they specially engineered their foam to give a “trampoline-like” experience.

Core Support Layer

While the first two layers of foam are designed for comfort and therapeutic support, the 7-inch core support layer provides lasting durability. This high-density foam absorbs around 80% of surface motion which means that you won’t disturb your partner. It also helps the mattress to keep its structure over the years.

Without this layer, the mattress wouldn’t be able to stand up to Lulls incredible 10-year warranty.


Our Lull mattress review ranks this bed as a “medium-firm.” It has a soft, responsive upper with a strong, supportive lower. It strikes the perfect middle ground of comfort and support and is the preferred comfort level by 80% of sleepers.

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s on the softer side, check out our Brooklyn Bedding mattress review here.

Edge Support

In our opinion, the Lull mattress provides a moderate level of edge support. The upper layer of comfort foam has a tendency to over-compress slightly if you get too close to the edge. However, if you’re sitting on the side of your bed, the lower support layers will keep you stable.

Some Other Considerations

One of the things that we really appreciate about the Lull mattress is the fact that there was little to no off-gassing smell. This pungent chemical smell is present almost every bed-in-a-box that we’ve tried. However, due to the eco-friendly design and materials used in this mattress, we could barely smell a thing.


While we touched on them above, our Lull mattress review wouldn’t be complete without a solid overview of the features that we think could be improved upon. Namely the firmness, and edge support.


While the Lull mattress is relatively soft when compared to the average foam mattress that you’ll find in a showroom, it’s still relatively firm. If you are somebody who’s on the lighter side and needs a mattress with a little bit more give, you may want to consider a hybrid mattress with built-in innerspring coils.

Edge Support

As we mentioned above, the edge support is lacking. It’s not horrible to the point where it should be a major issue, but if you constantly find yourself drifting towards the edge of the bed, this could become a problem over time.

How Much Does it Cost?

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38” x 75” x 10” $500
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 10” $550
Full 54” x 75” x 10” $700
Queen 60” x 80” x 10” $800
King 76” x 80” x 10” $900
Cal King 72” x 84” x 10” $900

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cooling adaptive gel foam layer Lacks proper edge support
Deep therapeutic support layer Takes some getting used to the firmness
100-night sleep trial
10-year limited warranty


This concludes our Lull mattress review. Overall this is a great mattress. It provides a good balance between comfort, support, and general durability. The main caveat that we could find with this mattress is the fact that it doesn’t have great edge support. Other than that, though, the company has a great vision and an even better product. The Lull mattress is definitely one that you shouldn’t pass up during your search.

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