Saatva Mattress Review

Last Update: August 2018

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping, so where you lay your head every night makes a difference. You want to choose a bed that supports your body, gives you a restful night of sleep and allows you to wake up feeling better than ever. In our in-depth Saatva Mattress review, you’ll see why this bed should be your next big purchase.

Saatva is guaranteed to give you one of the most restful nights of sleep that you’ve ever had. This mattress offers unparalleled comfort and support that is unavailable in most retail mattresses.

In our Saatva Mattress review, we delve deep into Saatva’s history, their pros, cons, and the essentials you need to know before making your decision.

About Saatva

Saatva was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Ricky Joshi and Ron Rudzin who wanted to create high-quality luxury mattresses and still be able to sell them at a low price. To achieve this goal, they decided to reduce operating costs by operating solely as an online distributor instead of opening physical retail locations.

The company’s namesake comes from the old Sanskrit word sattva, which translated into English means “pure.” They sought to provide the purest sleep that money could buy. Today Saatva has nineteen factories spread between Canada and the United States.

Over the past few years, Saatva has launched several other mattresses under different brand names, but today we’re going to be reviewing their original Luxury Mattress which has been well-loved by many for years and is one of the best innerspring mattresses on the market.

Comfort and Sizing

The most important thing about a mattress is that it’s comfortable. The Saatva Mattress is available in three comfort levels:

  • Firm
    • Registers as an 8 on the firmness scale
  • Luxury Firm
    • Registers between a 5 and 6 on the firmness scale
  • Plush Soft
    • Registers as a 3 on the firmness scale

What Comfort Level Is Best For Me?

The term “comfort level” can often be misleading. People tend to think that a firm mattress is inherently uncomfortable and that a plush mattress is the most comfortable mattress you’ll ever sleep on. Your weight and your sleeping posture, however, should be your primary concerns when choosing the comfort level of your mattress.

Weight and Height

If your body mass has changed recently, you may need to reevaluate the comfort level best for you. Heavier or shorter individuals tend to need a firmer mattress to get the appropriate level of support, whereas lighter or taller individuals can get an adequate level of support from a plush mattress.


What good would our Saatva Mattress review be if we didn’t discuss posture? You want to choose a comfort level which will put your body in good posture. A bed that’s too firm will cause your body to lie rigid, resulting in soreness.

You also don’t want a mattress that’s too soft and caves under your weight because this won’t offer enough support. A comfort level that allows your back to have a natural curve and properly cradles the weight your hips is the goal.


The Saatva Mattress comes with options to choose between two separate heights:

  • 14.75 inches; 16 inches with the Euro Pillow-Top
  • 11.5 inches; 13 inches with the Euro Pillow-Top

It’s important to keep in mind that the height does not affect the comfort level of the mattress, and is purely aesthetic. This is to accommodate customers who have different size bed sets.

Finally, the Saatva Mattress is available in six different sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Saatva Mattress Review

There is a common misconception that people have developed about innerspring mattresses which is that no innerspring can ever match the comfort and provide the support that an all-foam mattress can. A belief formed from years spent sleeping on cheap, uncomfortable, spring mattresses is what made this stereotype a popular one.

The problem is that these old-school spring mattresses actually resist your body’s curvature instead of molding to it. They target your pressure-points instead of providing relief.

The Saatva Mattress is an innerspring mattress, but unlike most innersprings, it is built with comfort, support, and innovation in mind. It contains two different types of coils:

Connective Coils

  • These coils reside in the bottom half of the mattress and provide the primary support. They are tied together at the top and the bottom so that they work together as a unit.
  • These features help to ensure a good spread of weight and reduce the chances of the mattress developing low spots in which the individual can sink into during the night.
  • Connective coils also provide a great bounce and resist over-compression which helps to give the weightless support that only luxury mattresses can provide.

Pocketed Coils

  • These make up the top layer of coils and are primarily for comfort.
  • These high-carbon springs are individually encased and operate freely, as they are not connected to their counterparts. They are also nested in a honeycomb pattern to decrease the amount of space between them.
  • This design allows them to conform freely to your body’s natural curvature. Instead of resisting your body and putting pressure on trigger points, this mattress molds around you and relieves any and all strain.

Coil Specs

Encasing the top layer of coils, let’s take a quick look at the foam which encases the Pocketed Coils. It is primarily a bio-based material, which means your supporting the environment as much as you are supporting your back!

This bio-foam is made up of soy byproducts and reduces both the chemical content of the mattress and pollution during the manufacturing process.

Besides encasing the coils, this foam also surrounds the entire perimeter of the mattress, ensuring long-lasting durability over the years.

In the middle of the mattress is any interesting feature designed to create Lumbar support. This is the only part of the mattress that utilizes memory foam. This lumbar feature is no gimmick provides very noticeable support for the lower back.

Because of this lumbar support resides in the middle section, it is important to sleep on your mattress lengthways if you wish to benefit. However good a review for the mattress, you need to optimize your sleeping on it to ensure the best nights sleep.

Topping off the mattress is a deluxe Euro Pillow Top. This adds an additional level of comfort that can be likened to sleeping on a cloud. Unlike cheaper competitors whose pillow tops stop short of the mattresses perimeter, Saatva’s Euro Top extends all the way to the edge of the mattress, ensuring comfort whichever way you happen to roll.

Wrapping around all of the spring and foam structure is a cover which has a few unique details:

  • It is made from 100% organic cotton
  • Quilting pattern provides a timeless look
  • High-quality fabric and stitching

Two Important Considerations

Let’s get into two things that are indispensable when it comes to a mattress; back support and pressure relief.


Finding a mattress which provides proper support is crucial when selecting your bed. A bed that can’t properly support your back and neck is guaranteed to cause you pain.

You’ll spend all night tossing and turning, which results in poor sleep quality, and you’ll likely wake up with a crick in your neck and often a sore back to go with it.

Unfortunately, in today’s market, many retailers design fancy looking beds that offer little to no actual support. Thankfully that is not the case with Saatva Mattress.

Sleeping Position Support

For back sleepers and stomach sleepers alike, you will feel incredibly well-supported. There is no hollow mattress surface or sagging spots like you would expect with a lower quality mattress. Instead, the mattress top comes up to meet you, fitting every curve in your back like a glove.

There is just enough give to allow your hips to sink into the mattress and give your lower back the natural curvature it needs for a neutral position and good posture.

With regards to side sleepers, the Saatva Mattress continues to give a great level of support. The mattress does, however, tend to resist heavier shoulders and push them up a little along with the spine, which could lead to a bit of discomfort if you’re primarily sleeping on your side.

To combat this, individuals who are primarily side sleepers should consider trying out the Plush Soft comfort level, as this will provide a softer surface with more give.

Pressure Points

Pressure points are areas of the body which typically experience stress and pain. Most commonly they reside in the neck, shoulders, back, and knees. These points can be further accentuated by sleeping on a low-quality mattress that allows shoulders to sink or puts additional pressure on already painful areas.

It thus becomes important to sleep on a mattress which not only supports your body as a whole but which provides the right support in the right areas, relieving your pressure points. The Saatva Mattress truly allows you to wake up feeling better than when you went to bed.

For back sleepers, we found that this mattress is incomparable when it comes to pressure point relief. It takes away the strain of tight muscles and allows you relax and get a proper night of sleep. You’ll wake up feeling well-rested, and ready to seize the day.

When we tested side sleepers, we found similar results. When sleeping, they’re utilizing the least amount of mattress surface space and putting extra weight on their sides and shoulder. Many mattresses fail this test and allow the individual to either sink too low or resist the extra weight and incite more strain.

Regarding pressure point relief, the Saatva Mattress is a grade A product. Not a single test subject reported ever having a bad night of sleep or waking up uncomfortable. In fact, the results from our test while conducting our Saatva Mattress review were the exact opposite.

Individuals reported:

  • Reduced neck and back pain upon waking
  • Less tossing and turning at night
  • A deeper, more restful sleep


Aside from providing the essentials of support and a restful night of sleep, there are quite a few other considerations that are all based on personal preference.


Responsiveness measures the degree to which the mattress reacts to your body laying on it.  Some people prefer bouncy beds that have a lot of spring to them, and others prefer beds that they can sink into and relax in. Again this feature has little to do the quality of the bed and is really just a matter of personal taste.

As a general rule of thumb, innerspring mattresses tend to have a lot more bounce and transfer energy and weight across the entire surface. Foam mattresses tend to absorb energy into one location and provide little in the way of bounciness.

The Saatva Mattress has a lot of coils, but it also has a little bit of memory foam. As we discussed above,  Saatva puts memory foam in the middle section for lumbar support. As a result, the middle section has a measurably different response than other areas of the bed.

Top Level

  • Feeling the top level you can tell it’s a little bit bouncy. However, it’s not quite as springy as a latex mattress or a bed with micro coils under the surface. If you drop a baseball directly onto the middle, you can expect it to bounce up a few inches. If you do the baseball test on the non-foam part of the mattress, you’ll get an extra two inches of>

Mid Level

  • Traditionally, the bowling ball test is used to measure mid-level responsiveness. You drop a 15-pound bowling ball onto the mattress and see how far up it bounces. A low-response foam mattress would absorb the ball, and a high-response spring mattress would throw the ball back into the air.
  • When you drop the ball into the middle of the mattress, it’ll bounce up about a foot into the air despite the memory foam. So on this level, it could be said to have a medium-high response.
  • You can measure the deep level bounce based on how the mattress responds to a person falling onto it. A low-response mattress will just let the person sink in. A high-response mattress will typically send the person bouncing back into an upright position.
  • When falling on the Saatva, your met with good responsiveness. It doesn’t bounce you back up into a fully upright position, but it does push you back up about 6 inches.

Looking at the results of these tests, we see the Saatva Mattress has mid-high range responsiveness. Despite the memory foam in the middle, it provides very little in the way of absorption. This makes it a great choice for somebody who wants a bouncy bed on the higher response end of the spectrum.

Edge Support

Edge support refers to the ability of a mattress to support a person’s full weight while they’re resting.

A mattress with good edge support will provide the same level of comfort, responsiveness, and pressure relief at all areas of the mattress. A bed  with poor edge support will sag, bend, and be uncomfortable. You’ll know this if you’re lying on the edge of the bed and don’t feel any support whatsoever.

This is a very important consideration if you plan on sharing the bed with a partner. With two people sharing one bed, one is almost always likely to roll over (or get pushed) to the side, and when that happens, they’re going to want the same level of comfort as they expect from the middle of the bed.

In comparison to many other mattresses, the Saatva is outstanding in the amount of edge support that it provides. This is due mainly to the fact that the whole edge is encased in foam, and is tightly stitched together.

Cushion Depth

Cushioning depth refers to the degree that you can sink into a mattress. Some people prefer to sink deep into the bed and be cradled by the mattress. Others prefer the floating feeling that a shallow cushion depth can offer. Other cushioning factors include such as a person’s weight, body shape, and sleeping position.

The Saatva Mattress initially appears to offer deeper than average cushioning, but this is mostly due to the fluffy Euro top which is easily flattened. When you lay down on the bed, you only sink down a couple of inches so, in reality, this offers more of a medium cushioning depth.

Euro Top

An interesting feature to notice is the quilting pattern on the Euro top. It is stitched to have undulations which result in there being overall less mattress surface area in contact with you. This takes away from the cradling effect that is most commonly experienced in traditional medium cushioned beds and rather makes you feel like you’re floating on top of the mattress. This floating sensation is more aligned to suggest a shallow cushioning depth.

Mattress Temperature

For people who are prone to sleeping hot, live in a warmer climate, or who are sensitive to temperature changes, this can be a dealbreaker. A lot of mattresses use materials that retain heat, which means that after a few hours of sleeping on them, can become very warm.

People who are sensitive to this heat change can wake up in the middle of the night or find themselves tossing and turning to get to a cooler side of the bed. All of this extra motion, of course, contributes to a person getting a sub-par night of sleep.

In the average Saatva Mattress review, sleepers say that this is a very cool-sleeping mattress. This is due to a few factors:

100% Organic Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a very breathable fabric. It allows air to pass through, and any moisture accumulation evaporates relatively quick. Cheaper competitors use polyester fabric which does the exact opposite, retaining heat and lacking in breathability.

Quilting Undulations

These undulations in the quilting translates to less mattress surface area coming into contact with your body. As a result, less heat transfers from your body into the mattress.

Innerspring Design

While there is a marginal amount of memory foam in the upper layers of the mattress, it is not enough to absorb heat the way typical all-foam mattresses do. Underneath the small layer foam, is empty air and springs, which allows for plenty of airflows.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to the degree that somebody on one side of the mattress is affected by the movements of the person on the other side of the mattress. You can place an object on one side and have a person get into bed. Then, you gradually escalate the intensity of their movements until the object falls. This is how you test for motion isolation.

A mattress can be said to have great motion isolation if it endures heavy motions and doesn’t affect the laying object.

Breaking Down Motion Isolation

Traditionally foam mattresses have the best motion isolation. Whereas most innerspring mattresses tend to be bouncier and thus have less motion isolation. This is an important feature to take into consideration if you or your partner are light sleepers and can be easily woken by movements.

In testing the Saatva Mattress, we found that this mattress provides decent motion isolation. The pocketed coils operate individually and aren’t connected to the others, so they are good for absorbing motions.

However, when testing for heavier motions, we found that the object was easily knocked over. This is because the connected coils which make up the entire bottom layer of the mattress. Because they are all connected, motion and energy transfers between them.

This motion transfer is what takes away from the isolating effects of the pocketed coils, and makes it impossible to isolate more intense movement.

So overall the Saatva Mattress is on the lower end of the scale when it comes to motion isolation. It isolates most small movements such as minor shifting or a side roll but fails to isolate larger movements such as heavy twisting, kicks, high-impact movements.

Saatva Return Policy and Warranty

When deciding upon a mattress to purchase, it’s important to take a look at the company’s return policy and warranty. No matter how great a mattress is, you can always run into difficulties. Maybe you find that the comfort level you selected is too soft or too firm, or maybe the bed is defective. Either way with Saatva, you’re covered by one of the most generous policies on the market


Saatva operates only as an online retailer. This means you won’t be able to go into a store and test one out. Instead, you need to make a decision based on reviews and personal choice. Sometimes you happen to make the wrong choice. Fortunately, Saatva offers a very generous return policy.

Saatva offers a 120 day test period that allows you to figure out whether it’s the right choice. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, Saatva will send somebody to pick your bed up. They will take care of the return with no questions asked. The only money you wouldn’t get back is the $99 initial delivery and set up fee.


Saatva offers a 15-year warranty that isn’t prorated. They will replace your defective Saatva Mattress with a brand new one. Keep in mind that you need to file your claim within the first two years of ownership.

If you accidentally damage your mattress or it breaks between 3 and 15 years of ownership, Saatva will take responsibility. They will send representatives to pick up and repair your mattress. The only charge will be a $99 transportation fee.

Disadvantages of the Saatva Mattress

While this is a great mattress, it might not be the best option for everybody. There are a couple of common complaints that we see in the average Saatva Mattress review. Let’s take a look.

Poor Motion Isolation

Because of the connected coils in the mattress base, the Saatva scores poorly regarding motion isolation. Light sleepers may want to consider a different option since any motion made on a Saatva Mattress will awake you.

Bouncy Mattress

This is an innerspring mattress that offers a mid to high level of bounce and responsiveness. While many individuals want this from a mattress, some may prefer the enveloping low-responsiveness of an all-foam mattress.

If you are looking for a mattress with less bounce, then consider checking out the Tuft & Needle Mattress.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Unbeatable Quality Poor motion isolation
Memory foam insert for advanced lumbar support Bouncy responsiveness might not appeal to people who want a low-response mattress
Solid edge support
Cool mattress temperature
Great support for the back and hips
Provides pressure point release

Buyers Advice

We hope that the tests and information we’ve given you is enough for you to make an informed decision. Now let’s go over a few final considerations you need to take into account before making your purchase.


Saatva offers the most affordable innerspring mattress on the market for the luxury quality that they provide.

Size Price
Twin $649
Twin XL $699
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1,399
California King $1,399

Comfort Level

One of the most important decisions you make before purchasing your Saatva Mattress is finding the right comfort level. Make sure you account for your weight, sleeping posture and personal preferences to make sure you choose the right mattress.

The luxury firm comfort level is the best-selling Saatva Mattress, and 80% of all buyers opt for this option. If you are significantly smaller or larger, you may want to consider the luxury plush or the firm comfort level.

People with medical problems or who suffer from soreness may also want to evaluate the mattress comfort levels. This is because certain comfort levels may differently impact your medical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you purchase your mattress and still have some questions, continue reading our Frequently Asked Questions. Here are the ones we encounter most commonly.

How long will my Saatva Mattress last?

If treated with care and kept in a clean condition, your Saatva Mattress can easily last you 15-17 years. Saatva is so confident in their mattress that their warranty for repairs extends to 15 years.

Is the Saatva Mattress fire-proof?

Yes, the Saatva mattresses are most definitely fire-proof! They are made with a natural thistle mesh barrier which provides complete fire resistance without the use of chemical sprays.

Can I use my existing box spring with the Saatva?

Yes, you can. Experts in the mattress industry highly recommend that you purchase Saatva’s mattress support. If your current box springs are solid and provide the necessary support, they will work fine. This will not void your warranty either.


If you want impeccable quality for half the price most major mattress retailers charge, you have found your answer. The Saatva Luxury Mattress needs to be on your radar. It provides above-average support for your body, is incredibly comfortable, doesn’t retain heat, and comes in any size you want. The Saatva Mattress truly is one of the best innerspring mattresses on the market.

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